Keith Sherin, CEO of GE Financial, Holds Court During Masters in Business Event


On October 29th, the Feldberg Community had the opportunity to share the evening with Keith Sherin, CEO of GE Capital CBS EMBA ‘91. Claire Burke, CBS ‘15 was gracious enough to host us at her lovely home. Walking in I was somewhat surprised how intimate the setting would be. The Fellows gathered up in the living room, Mr. Sherin took out some large white sheets of paper, and literally began walking us through the process of how he managed the unraveling of GE Capital. He explained the obstacles he had to overcome and the unique pressure that his team had to face. Mr. Sherin proceded to discuss the regulatory obstacles and out-of-the-box strategies he led his team in executing in order to complete the successful divestiture of GE Capital’s asset totaling more than $200 billion. Mr. Sherin left us in awe at his ability to speak so granularly about the details of the events and his holistic understanding of all the various components surrounding GE’s diversified businesses and its eye toward software. This experience embodies the opportunities provided to the Feldberg Fellows. We are all appreciative of having Mr. Sherin come in, spend his evening with us, and further our education outside of the classroom.

Daniel Rudyak CBS ‘17, David Johnson CBS ‘17, and Laura Kornhauser CBS ‘17