Master's in Business Series: Karl Dasher ('04) - CEO of Schroders North America


On Tuesday, February 12, 2019 the Feldbergs hosted a Masters in Business event with speaker Karl Dasher (CBS '04), CEO of Schroders North America. Marina Severinovsky, (CBS-FF '09) helped organize the event, which was also attended by Feldberg Fellows Michael Kopko, Michael Smeets, Lauren Surzyn, Dara Blume, Laura Kornhauser, and Chase Hagin, Feldberg friend Matt Borja, and Schroders Deputy CEO Marc Brookman.

The morning's discussion focused on asset management, Schroders' strategy to build increasing presence in the United States, global macroeconomic trends, and Mr. Dasher's advice on career success. He reminded the group to not be fearful of work that was new and challenging, to work hard, cultivate mentors, and never forget that luck still plays a factor.

The Feldbergs thank Mr. Dasher, Marina Severinovsky, and Marc Brookman for a wonderful Masters in Business event. Stay tuned for our next event with Vice Chairman of Bank of America Keith Banks!