Masters in Business Series: Keith Banks, Vice Chairman of Global Wealth and Investment Management at Bank of America

On Thursday, March 21, 2019 the Feldbergs hosted a Masters in Business event with speaker Keith Banks (CBS '81), Vice Chairman of Bank of America. Michael Kopko, (CBS-FF '09) helped organize the event, which was also attended by Feldberg Fellows Jason Aronson, T. Sean McKean, Michael Smeets, Matthew Borja (Feldberg Mentee), Luke Sandler, Louis Verdi, Lauren Surzyn, and Vik Patel.

The afternoon's discussion focused on Mr. Banks' dynamic and successful career in asset management as well as the storied rise and transformation of Bank of America along with numerous other major financial institutions through a complex set of market cycles. Mr. Banks offered a rarefied and humble story of rising through corporate America and capitalism to roles that few can dream of or plan for. He shared behind the scenes stories of global transactions effecting million of lives and customers as well as principles behind iconic financial brands.

He reminded the Feldbergs about the power of focus, managing up as much as managing colleagues and junior talent, and the role of organizational theory, design, and politics in career outcomes. He urged the rising leaders of the Feldbergs to maintain caution and discretion in how they carry themselves and to stay open minded and ambitious with their pursuits.

The Feldbergs thank Mr. Banks for an incredible experience and for being a truly generous, warm, and genuine host. Stay tuned for our next event!