Troy Scribner

Troy is a quantitative trading analyst at a high-frequency trading company, EWT, in Santa Monica, CA. He currently works on the foreign exchange desk, developing, implementing, and assessing algorithmic trading strategies in global currency markets. Before EWT, Troy worked as an equity analyst at Ziff Brothers Investments, specializing in renewable energy, utilities, and retail.

Troy graduated with honors from the United States Military Academy where he studied Physics and Nuclear Engineering. He was commissioned as an officer in the combat engineers and was stationed in Germany with the First Armored Division. In 2003, Troy deployed to Operation Iraqi Freedom, where he led a platoon of thirty-two soldiers for fifteen months in combat operations in Baghdad. Among his accomplishments, Troy oversaw projects that restored water, electricity, and sewage to tens of thousands of Iraqis, and rebuilt schools and hospitals. He led security operations at the first New Iraqi Army recruiting center to open in Baghdad after the invasion, which safely processed nearly 150,000 Iraqi soldiers over a five-week period. Troy is an avid outdoorsman, and he enjoys motorcycling, sailing, and hiking.