Laura Kornhauser

Laura is the CEO of Stratyfy, a predictive analytics platform  that empowers the real experts of a company—the people who run it—to make better, more informed decisions to grow their business.  Before co-founding Stratyfy, Laura was an Executive Director at JPMorgan focused on selling algorithmic trading strategies and financial derivative products to large institutional clients.  During her 12 years at JPMorgan, Laura became an expert at managing complex client relationships, identifying product opportunities and developing new offerings to meet emerging client demand.  She also experienced the inefficiencies and frustrations her team faced while trying to manage risk while complying with the changing regulatory environment.  After building a handful of tools to help her team conduct business more effectively, she left JPMorgan to find a technology and team that could help her solve these problems.

Laura graduated from Columbia Business School in May 2017, earning Dean's Honors with Distinction. For undergrad, Laura attended Princeton University, graduating in 2003 with a BSE in Operations Research and Financial Engineering.  In her senior year, she was recognized for the scientific research in her thesis, an in-depth analysis that correctly identified and quantified the inflating housing market bubble years before it burst.  In her spare time, Laura loves playing and watching Ice Hockey, gardening and all things 80s.